How to Install TvTap App on Roku Devices – Complete Guide

With the advent of streaming services, binge-watching has become a popular hobby of the young and the old alike.

Most of us enjoy watching sitcoms, documentaries and even movies while cuddling very cosily on our couch. This is a trend that might seem cheaper than going to the movies every other day. But since the content available online is spread across different services, it does burn a deep hole in your pocket. The numerous subscriptions and payments must be a nightmare to manage and hence TvTap is a great streaming tool to have.


TvTap allows users to live stream important games and matches that are on their sports channels and also allows users to access the entire collection of TV series and movies. It allows users to watch their daily news and tune into their favourite channel on the go. This has proven to be of great help for many users.

Get TVTap Now on your PC (Windows)

TvTap can be accessed on your Roku device to make sure that you can enjoy the experience on a large screen and make sure that you don’t miss out on any of the details shown in your favourite soap. Here is a step by step guide to accessing TvTap on your television-

How to Install TvTap on Roku Devices

  • Use an Android device to install the TvTap apk which is easily available online. For this to occur successfully, you need to allow apps with unknown sources to be downloaded on your device. This can be done by opening settings on your Android device and selecting security out of the options. Toggle the option that reads, ‘unknown sources’.
  • Next, connect your Android device and your Roku TV.
  • Once both your devices are connected to the same network, open the settings on your Android device and choose the option named Display.
  • Then select the “screencast” option. Under the screencast option, tap on the option that reads “more options”, and enables wireless display. Activate this choice by ticking the box against it.
  • The list of devices connected to your net connection will appear. Select the Roku device that you want to connect to your Android device.
  • Once you finish this procedure, your Roku Device will allow you to access your TvTap application.

All you need to do now is- grab some popcorn, snuggle with a blanket on your couch and enjoy your favourite shows and movies on your Roku device.

An alternate method to do this is to use the Local Cast application to connect your Roku device to your Android device.

In case you are getting some issues, refer this guide of Fixing Crashing Issues of TVTap

With these simple steps, one can enjoy watching all those series and movies that you wish to enjoy through TvTap anytime you want.